The star of the Peugeot stand at Frankfurt was, oddly, not sat centre stage this year. Instead the exciting and interesting Fractal was tucked away off to the left in a little alcove, and as a result it didn’t attract as much interest as it perhaps deserved.

A two-door electric coupe doesn’t sound too groundbreaking - we’ve seen a few concepts along those lines over recent years that haven’t made it to production - but it was the little details that made this quite appealing in my view. Looks wise it treads a fine line between bonkers and the sort of stuff that will make it onto production cars in the coming years. Sure, anything that sits that low down will be a nightmare in town (even if it can raise and lower its ride height), and it is a massive leap from the current cars in terms of styling so it is more likely to be a precursor to elements of a future Peugeot than a whole car.

It is the interior that appealed particularly, though, as it shows the future of Peugeot’s i-Cockpit. This is what the company calls the interiors of its current cars, but recognises that it hasn’t been fully understood yet.