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Fractal EV concept showcases Peugeot’s latest cutting-edge interior and sound symposer safety system
Darren Moss
2 mins read
15 September 2015

Peugeot has revealed the second generation of its i-Cockpit interior design language with this Fractal concept at the Frankfurt motor show.

The two-door, four-seat concept, described as an ‘urban coupé’, is powered by two 168bhp electric motors - one located on each axle - with a combined output of 335bhp.

Peugeot says the concept has a range of up to 280 miles on a single charge. The motors are fed from a lithium ion battery pack mounted in the centre of the car.Measuring 3.81m long by 1.77m wide, the concept, which features a removable roof, sits on 19in ‘Tall&Narrow’ wheels and weighs just 1000kg. Peugeot says the Fractal can hit 62mph from rest in 6.8sec.

The minimalist cabin features a small steering wheel with integrated touchpads that can be used to control most infotainment functions. The 7.7in holographic head-up display and 12.3in digital instrument cluster can be customised by the driver.

Switches either side of the driver control the electric drivetrain, while another 7.7in touchscreen forms part of the centre console.

Peugeot says more than 80% of the interior has been created using 3D-printed components. The design was inspired by the materials and surfaces used in auditoriums and recording studios.

The Fractal features a next-generation sound system, which Peugeot says can create the illusion of direction with sound, such as when delivering navigation instructions. The seats of the concept feature a ‘tactile’ system for delivering bass sound.

The concept also has the ability to alter its ride height. A ground clearance of 11cm in the city is reduced to 7cm on motorways in order to improve aerodynamics and conserve battery life.

One of the most important features of the Fractal concept is its digital sound signature, which is used to alert pedestrians and cyclists to its presence. The sound is a response to forthcoming European legislation that states that all electric vehicles must make some sort of sound while driving by 2019.

Peugeot is one of a number of car makers that collaborated on the eVADER project, an EU-funded initiative to develop a sound symposer system for EVs.

In incorporating the eVADER system into the Fractal, Peugeot has as good as confirmed that it is working on a next-generation EV. Currently, the firm only has the iON electric city car.

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1 September 2015
That is so cool it is subzero
Lets hope they do something similar in production guise as a GTI

1 September 2015
Technically this does not make sense.

A 1000kg car with 335bhp that does 0-62 in 6.8 seconds? You should be faster with half that power...

1 September 2015
Peugeot has always had some cracking designs and this car brought them back in the fold, however, they need to lose the naff two-tone colouration that does nothing to the fantastic cars they are churning out lately. it is now up to the competition to step up to the plate- Well done Peugeot!

1 September 2015
Agree with Grunt. Also, why did they leave the lights off when they took the photos?

1 September 2015
275not599 wrote:

.... why did they leave the lights off when they took the photos?

That's easy - so that you cannot see the "19in ‘Tall&Narrow’ wheels" which would look silly in photos and look barely better in the real world. Also, I guess the lowly performance claim will be to allow room for an insane "performance" model for an extra €5000 or thereabouts (which would have fatter tyres too).

1 September 2015

The exterior looks like something that's come out of Korea and I find it hideous, although admittedly those awful wheels and two tone paintjob don't help.

The interior is nice, but very few concept car interiors ever made it to reality.

1 September 2015
I think it looks amazing, and is a great size (unlike many enormous concept cars). Hopefully it won't be yet another case of "here's what you could have had..."

2 September 2015
Stop making all these stunning looking concept cars peugeot. Start making stunning looking road cars that we can actually buy. Then you will have a chance of surviving!

15 September 2015
Why do they keep doing these sorts of interiors, especially the seats, that never get into production?

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