The Geneva motor show has historically been the biggest and the best motor show in the world. In 2024, it will return for the first time in five years with a very different look and feel - both on the show floor and behind the scenes. 

For much of the past four years, there has been doubt about whether Geneva would ever return. The last-minute cancellation of the show in 2020 as the pandemic rolled into Europe was enacted in circumstances that left a bitter taste in the mouth of car makers.

Simply, they didn’t get their money back, the venue hosting the show citing ‘force majeure’ (a phrase we all got to know well from March 2020) as the reason, after the Swiss government had ruled that the show couldn't go ahead on public-health grounds. 

The show is run by a not-for-profit foundation, but back then, the make-up of the committee running it included those who were working for the...