The construction of a new No.1 Audi car for Le Mans following Loïc Duval's huge smash in practice was an astonishing feat.

Audi's 'new' Le Mans 24 Hours competitor might have even more going for it this time around, however.

According to Vitto di Grassi, father of Audi driver Lucas di Grassi, the No.1 Audi has been personally blessed by a priest.

"He was hovering by the threshold of the pits," says di Grassi. "He asked if he could come into the pit, to get close to the car and sprinkle holy water on it."

"I was the only Catholic around so brought him in, and he blessed the car."

It transpired that the priest had come down from a local cathedral in order to make sure the car stood the best possible chance for the race weekend.

No-one seems to know who sent him though – well, I'm sure someone knows – but every little helps.

Clearly there are devout motorsports fans, and then there are the truly devout motorsport fans.

"I have a good feeling about this race," laughs di Grassi.