image2129342782.jpgAs I write this blog Kris and Paul are starting their recce of the stages for our next IRC round in Belgium.The rally starts on Friday and finishes on Saturday.The reason the boys are doing a recce of the stages for the rally is so that they can write their own pace notes.We are given route books to enable us to get to the start and finish of each stage but once in the stage every team use their own pace notes. The notes created are called out to Kris by Paul so he knows how fast he can take a particular corner, what lies just around a bend and areas to be careful of etc...They drive the stages in special recce cars which are standard 207s but with rally suspension, tyres and distance meter. They will drive each stage 3 times and Paul will note specific details of each change of direction. Then they will drive the stage two more times checking the notes and making any small changes. In some rallies such as Monte Carlo due to the ever changing conditions, before the drivers do the stage a special "gravel team" are used who will drive the stage and flag up any changes to the team, such as ice, no ice etc.Kris and Paul have two days to recce all the stages before Shakedown on Thursday were they get their first chance to drive the car in anger. In the next blog I will give you an insight into what we change to create a S2000 car from a standard 207 road car.