People in this country have had enough of experts, said a senior politician the other day, one who is, at the time of writing, unusually, still a senior politician.

It’s okay – I’m not going to get political. It just occurs to me that these could be worrying times if he’s right, because I could be considered ‘an expert’, of sorts. Not about international finance or anything, obviously, but on the merits of McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes versus M&S’s version, or on what different cars are like, I can hold my own. 

This is because I have – to paraphrase another man off the news – never had a proper job. Most of my working life I’ve spent researching, measuring, driving and testing cars and advising people – perhaps like you, dear reader – where to put their money when it comes to them. There’s little honour in it, because I am but a reviewer. What you might call a rentagob. A critic. A Lidl Chris Harris.