The average pothole costs around £60 to repair. It’s estimated that there are more than one millon potholes in the UK. So, to repair them all would cost around £60 million.

That’s not that much, given that it’s every pothole in the UK, and the Government’s £15.2 billion kitty for resurfacing motorways and A-roads is some 253 times larger than the estimated cost of a fixing all those potholes.

Perhaps the Government is doing something wrong, then. Potholes are fixed routinely by councils, and yet there’s still a ninth as many of them as there are bicycles in Beijing, depending on your music taste.

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A spokesman for The Alliance of British Drivers told Autocar that estimating the number of potholes in the UK is an impossible task (good luck fixing them, then). He also said that roads aren’t built correctly, and therefore develop potholes.