It has taken a long time, but the revelation that a reborn TVR will work with Gordon Murray on the first iStream manufacturing plant is as significant a moment as the announcement of the new TVR sports car itself.

Murray’s vision has long been established, having come to him as long ago as 1999 and been launched as a business initiative as far back as 2009. However, turning his idea for a low-cost, simplified automotive manufacturing process into a production reality has been a hard slog.

Industry sources have long said that Murray’s iStream idea is a sound one but that the established car manufacturers are too entrenched in their existing heavily industrialised methods for them to change course. Murray needs companies willing to disrupt convention – hence the interest by Yamaha, Shell and now TVR.

It’s a small step, of course; TVR isn’t aiming to be a volume player and, consequently, isn’t using iStream to its full capability. It will, however, be vindication that the system works, and that will in turn – possibly – be enough to persuade other car makers to follow suit.     

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