It is, of course, reassuring to know that the owner of a so called 'mileage correction service' has been jailed for nine months for clocking cars.

Apparently this is the first time that such a service provider has been convicted under consumer law.

The owner had pleaded guilty to five charges under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and eight charges under the Fraud Act 2006. He also agreed to a further 19 offences being taken into consideration.

His Honour Judge Ambrose said: “The clocking of cars corrupts the market and brings unjustified suspicion on honest traders.”

His Honour may well be right but it begs the question over just what is mileage? I’d argue it is a philosophical  question and, as ever, car buyers should look at the condition, the service history and the cut of the seller’s jib before making any final decision.

Indeed, what is high mileage? Six figures, high five figures? Is 100,000 miles really a lot on a decade-old car when it averages out at 10,000 a year? And actually 6000 miles on an averagely maintained Vauxhall Corsa 1.0-litre over a decade is arguably far worse than a Jaguar XJ8 that's been ramped and stamped regardless of cost.

So the question is this: what in your book is high mileage? At what mileage point do you shake your head and move on to the next used car in the classifieds?