The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas hasn’t even officially opened yet, but already there’s a theme emerging from the vehicle manufacturers in attendance.

That theme is ownership, and specifically the changes being made to traditional ownership models. There are various takes on how the future will pan out, of course, but it boils down to this: in just a few years time, you won’t just be able to buy a new car, you’ll also be able to rent or lease a model depending on your needs.

Leading the charge on this front is Faraday Future, which revealed its FFZERO1 concept yesterday evening. Faraday has been rather coy about its business model, but comments made by company executives lead us to understand that a traditional vehicle purchase will only be a small part of Faraday’s offering.

The rest will come from an Uber-style service which will allow you to lease the car you want, when you want it. For many, that would mean a hatchback for commuting during the week and then a larger SUV for the weekend. The vehicles will all be electric, naturally, and based on Faraday’s VPA electric architecture.