It was interesting to read Editor Chas Hallett’s blog that a used Ferrari is still a good Ferrari, but let's be honest - is a Ferrari ever truly ‘used’ in the accepted sense of the word?

I would argue that there are some cars which never truly become used. I believe that they miss all the usual stages and go straight to collectible or classic status instead.

I never really see many exotics as used, although a Jaguar always will be very used, then a banger and, if it is very lucky, a classic. A Caterham to me is never really a used car, although the Ferrari 400i went through all the Seven Ages of Car, as far as I could see.

Oh yes, the Seven Ages of Car. Here is my theoretical breakdown as to just how cars get old and all that:

New – Showroom fresh and delivery mileage.

Pre-registered – As above, but there is a name in the V5 and some money missing from the bottom line.

Nearly new – Dealer demos and pretty much most cars under a year old and with less than 10k miles qualify.

Pre-owned – The posh and slightly pretentious car dealer, or perhaps an exotic vehicle will be listed here. Would make a great name for a column, too.

Used – Self-explanatory, I hope.

Banger – The cars I love - all depreciated out, but still full of life.

Classic  - All of a sudden a car crosses that threshold (Morris Ital, anyone?) and suddenly everyone loves them and maybe they start to appreciate in value.

There are of course, exceptions - models that seem to miss out on several stages altogether. So I just wondered whether this Seven Ages theory holds any water and how the cars you love fare on this basis?