After a session of browsing the classifieds for an original Volkswagen Scirocco I found myself thinking more laterally on the subject of German coupes. It wasn't long before I started looking at some online Porsche 944s.

This Porsche is a sort of heavy metal Scirocco, and for me one of the very best sportscars of all time. Even more so – and prepare yourself for sacrilege here – I’ve always preferred it to the 911, what with a proper water-cooled engine in the right place and far fewer associations with red-brace wearing merchant bankers.

Even better, the 944s out there tend to be proper everyday machines. Not garaged, not wearing one of those silly bras to fend off stone chips, and not driven by a bonus-bragging city Herbert. And, as the prices of ‘80s 911s grow ever sillier, the 944 is starting to look like conspicuously good value.

It still looks great in three dimensions, too: sleek and modern, especially next to its big-arsed sister. It’s got a proper boot and slightly more rear accommodation – it’s absolutely perfect for the way we live now. Plus which, of course, the undeniable kudos of the Porsche badge sitting on the front.

And these things are cheap. You can buy MOT’d 944s below £3K if you’re prepared invest a bit of TLC. Look upwards of £8K for an unpretentious, decent example – and £14 grand could land you a minter. Think about that: for considerably less than the cost of one of those overweight CC things you can get a proper bit of old-school GT wearing a Porsche badge and with guaranteed future classic status.