For all sorts of complicated reasons, I haven’t been able to leave the house for very long recently.

Now that severely cramps my style when it comes to looking at cars.

I hope to be at the forefront of a campaign I will launch when the Bangernomics Bible comes out next month. I think I’ll call it ‘Touching Metal’ or something equally pretentious. You see, I want people to look at cars in real life again.

I really enjoy travelling around the world online and looking at pretty pictures and the increasingly detailed descriptions. As a first stop it beats a blurry picture in a magazine and an abbreviation-packed 25 word classified ad.

That’s probably why in the old days we just had to go and see the motor in the metal for ourselves, even after an incoherent telephone conversation with the seller.

I know a car trader who offers YouTube virtual test drives of his stock. It's clever, but no substitute for actually getting behind the wheel.

Meanwhile some pictures on dealer websites are worse than useless, missing out one corner because they can’t stand far back enough in the yard.

It was one of these badly snapped cars I saw at a dealer, which had a good spec and friendly price. I called and they denied all knowledge of the vehicle, it took them all day to send some pics of the interior and generally they were rubbish at trying to sell it even though I kindly offered a holding deposit more than once.

Instead, I found something similar that wasn’t 200 miles away and cost a grand more. I managed to find a spare hour to go and meet the bloke selling it and drive the thing.

Only then could I make a decision. You can buy unseen and undriven, I’ve done it enough times, but too many people are bidding online and getting themselves an unsuitable heap in the process.

So I just wondered how the online buying experience could be improved for you and also what you might replace a Volvo V70 with?

We will have another guessing game over just what I may have bought in a few weeks time.

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