I just spent a truly splendid day at a car auction. This was a proper Brit one with surly blokes and exhaust smoke and sarnies and not remotely like the cabaret show that Editor Hallett recently attended.

Auction Actually, a British Car Auction Top Marques sale is not remotely downmarket and it’s the best entertainment anyone who loves great value posh cars, can legally have.

I was there in a professional capacity focusing on the really high end stuff, but I can confirm that stories of deserted auction houses and cars selling for 20p have been widely exaggerated. Despite it being the season that most of the car trade goes on a well-earned holiday, there was an impressively large turn out and lots of sexy cars for them to scrap over.

Never has it been more important to listen to what the auctioneer actually said as a glut of 911s came into view. Some were imports, others didn’t have V5s, the occasional one was sans history.

But then again, wouldn’t you be tempted to take a chance on a 2003 GT3 with a warranted 16K mileage for £34,300? Or, despite the girly gearbox, how about a 2003 Carrera 2 Tiptronic with satnav and everything for £25K? An identical import went for £22,900: 996s have never been cheaper.