We all know that the new car business is in meltdown with GM now up for sale, which actually gives us a wonderful opportunity to get Vauxhall back into British hands.

In the early part of the last century the big Griff was the chosen chariot for the very rich and the very royal with some seriously sporty models, sort of Bentley crossed with Aston Martin.

Don’t know if it would be possible to rekindle that sort of magic and I’m sure we can all come up with lots of clever modern day rescue scenarios, but as flippant as I’m tempted to be there is the small matter of 5,000 livelihoods.

Vauxhall certainly need an image makeover and calling their cars Griffs would be a start, but they have no Focus RS in the wings and right now which used Vauxhalls would you actually want to buy?

In the old days a GTE 16 valve, Lotus Carlton and the hotter Chevettes were all must-haves. Right now you think Vauxhall and you visualise a driving school Corsa, nothing more, nothing less.

A few years back it was the rep in a Vectra or Cavalier. Indeed, ex Professional and current George Gently Martin Shaw once did an advert for the Cavalier (Mk2 square one), driving the long way home if I remember rightly whilst playing born to be wild on the cassette deck. Oh Dear.