It’s been a bad few weeks for those of us who actually like
cars. First there was the Formula One ‘crashgate’, which suggests
results can agreed upon at a strategy meeting earlier in the day.

now we have the scrappage scheme extension. Here is proof that the
government really hates cars and I think anyone who supports it hates
cars too.

The sheer wrong headedness of throwing away perfectly decent
motors so that you can buy something from Korea or Japan is genuinely
stupid. That’s why we have to get back to basics on this forum - which
car contains the very essence of motoring and costs less than the four
grand you would have to find to spend £5995, on the road?

kit car Caterham. A proper old Mini. A battered Defender. Those all do
it for me though maybe even an Astra van would too. I mean open air
motoring is always really good and less car with even less of an engine
can be huge fun. I don’t think that a better handling shopping car has
ever been invented than a real old Mini. Off road that’s also the case
with the Defender.

Driving these sorts of cars teaches you
things with no electronic interference, which means if anything goes
wrong it really is your fault. So which cars that cost below £4K embody
all that’s best about driving for you?