One of the first victims of the economic downturn was the depreciation-free car. It’s not long since the heady days when city boys sold their places on the DB9 waiting list to each other for 20 per cent more than list.

Smart Now supercar values are suffering harder than pretty much anything else as values slide. So is there still a foolproof way to keep your automotive investment safe?

You can always go classic. At the top of the market you have Chris Evans paying £5m too much for a Ferrari, and at the other there are some perky values among small-engined Brit classics that are easy to park and cheap to look after.

So while the E-Type is going to hold its own in the longer term, increasingly buyers are seeing the appeal of something cheap and family-friendly like a Morris Minor.

There are still plenty of Moggies around, parts availability is superb and those registered before 1971 qualify for free road tax. They’ll manage over 40mpg too – so a well-chosen £2500 Minor will always get you your money back.

Of course, most people can’t trust the business of getting to work or ferrying the kids to school to something in its mid-forties. Fortunately there are some modern cars that have pretty much lost all the value they’re going to. How about getting Smart – literally.