Driving to work today, stuck in the usual traffic jam, I glanced across to find the bloke in the lane next to me was driving an immaculate Honda NSX.

These days the NSX is a rare sight indeed. Few enough were sold in the first place, mostly because people couldn’t quite fathom the idea of spending £70,000 on a Honda, regardless of Ayrton Senna’s role in its chassis development. And nowadays most of the survivors have gone into the deep hibernation that comes with quasi-classic status.

But it’s still a hell of a car. Back in the day it was good enough to win our Handling Test for two years on the trot. And now – thanks to its rarity and unarguably well-executed design – it still looks fresh and arresting.

This one was wearing a tasteful private plate, and it occurred to me that you could park it next to its nearest modern equivalent, the Audi R8, without shame. Once I got to the office a quick scan of the net showed several for sale under the £20K barrier, and one particularly sweet-looking example up for just £16,000. 

Admit it, you’re tempted.