One weekend, two big festivals starting with a 'G' and – in the case of this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed and Glastonbury music festival – two mudbaths.

I spent Friday at Goodwood, and didn't get any closer to Glastonbury than my TV screen, but it did strike me that there are strong similarities between these two very English festivals, not least the shared presence of a charismatic visionary at the helm: Charles March in Sussex and Michael Eavis down in Somerset.

But it also struck me that, aside from the environmental hoopla surrounding it and Greenpeace sponsorship, Glastonbury is almost certainly responsible for putting considerably more CO2 into the atmosphere than the Festival of Speed is.

Three times more people make the trip there, most drive or travel by road and – unless you live in Bristol or Taunton – it's further away from major population centres than Goodwood is.

Frankly I've not got time to actually crunch the numbers but feel free to have a go if you want to. Makes you think, anyway.