It's all over. Has been for about 48 hours, truth be told; I've just been waiting for the official results to tell you exactly how badly our stab at the Silvretta E-Rally finally ended.

Yes, we came last. Sure, the final standings look bad (see above). But mostly, our penalty points deficit came from our catastrophic first day. On the basis of our score on days two and three, we'd have finished in an almost respectable 20th out of 28. Just behind local hero and ex-F1 driver Karl Wendlinger in an electric Mercedes SLS AMG, as it goes.

I'll settle for that. I'll also settle for the Ampera's very decent score in the rally's efficiency test. We finished 13th out of 18 entrants here, beating Volvo's electric C30, a Tesla Roadster Sport and both of Mercedes' A-class E-Cells. Which seems to indicate that plug-in hybrids can be just as energy-efficient as proper battery cars, if you drive 'em properly.