Five minutes ago I got off the plane in warm, sunny Barcelona, where I've flown for the launch of the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive. In a few hours time, I'll be flying back to the UK.

With just 99g/km of CO2, this Seat will be the company's most economical and atmospherically benevolent car yet. However, a couple of my friends have questioned the environmental friendliness of my short trip to review it.

There are two answers I gave them. First, the shorter the stay the better, as you spend less time in hotels; I'm not even staying overnight. Second, if Seat's CO2 figures are correct, and the car's impressive, a positive, authoritative Autocar review will give confidence to potential buyers, who may well go out and buy the Ecomotive Ibiza as a result.  The extra economy and lower CO2 of their purchases will eventually offset the carbon of my flight.

If only all new car launches were as easy to offset.