I'm just leaving the Sexy Green Car Show, the left-field eco motoring event that's just been held for the second year at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Yes, there's a detectable beardy-hippy vibe going on, but nobody here is banging on about banning cars. In fact, there are some positive messages here about the future of personal transport. Most striking is the number of bright ideas aimed at reducing the car's dependency on fossil fuels.

Ford's launching its tax-beating Focus ECOnetic, and the company reckons that reducing the CO2 emissions of ever new Focus sold by just 2 per cent will do more to reduce CO2 emissions than every hybrid car on the market combined.

The company's even stuck a lovely old Ford Prefect on its stand, alongside the new Kuga. The Prefect's 30bhp engine apparently pumped out 180g/km of CO2 when it was built in 1953: excellent by the standards of the time. I'm not sure if that counts as a long-term commitment to eco-friendly motoring, but it’s here anyway.

Fiat’s 1.3-litre Multijet 500 and its 110g/km CO2 emissions has been pulling crowds – particularly when punters realise that it should be exempt from the London congestion charge. It’s hard to think of a more alluring city car on sale right now.