Is nothing sacred? Top Trumps is going green apparently, and I am therefore forced to quote the following: “Whereas engine size and horsepower used to be winning features on the key trump cards, now lowest CO2 emissions, fuel efficiency and greatest number of seats are superior. So, out go the Porsches and the Ferraris and in come hybrids and electric motors.”

That’s the official line from climate change charity, whatever that is, Marches Energy Agency who have developed this with the Top Trumps people. So that’s even worse because these cards are official. And the horror doesn’t stop there because a pack of them will be sent free to every Secondary school in the country. Surely in the interests of balance, a proper full fat set should be sent too so the kids can decide for themselves.

It gets even worser than worse because 21st century role model and England goal keeper David James’s Chrysler is being used as the lead motor simply because it uses plant oil. Two points there deforestation and isn’t this the same Mr James who recently owned an eco-friendly GT40?

Obviously we are all paying for this as it is part funded by the EU, but it is depressing that a whole generation of youngsters will have some dismal picture of a hybrid MPV on their bedroom walls. It is our duty then to counter this propaganda by standing outside our local schools and handing out Athena prints of Countachs before it is too late.