After a series of ‘incidents’ in recent years, Goodwood’s famed Supercar Run had some tight new rules for 2012 that meant only those with a racing licence could take exotica up the hillclimb.

So there were no competition winners or plucky punters behind the wheels of the Bugatti Veyrons, a trio of Ferraris, or some of the more obscure offerings from Arash or Savage.

By recently passing the ARDS course, it meant I could also line-up in the world’s most expensive traffic jam in a TRD-tweaked Toyota GT86.

The car was predictably a hoot: a cold, damp surface meant the TRD’s grippier 18in Pirelli rubber was actually welcomed over the regular Toyota GT86 a smaller and almost grip-free 17in Prius tyres. Any attempts at drifting around the corners in the conditions could well have seen some straw bails added to the TRD’s bodywork additions.