Volkswagen has been known for many things over the decades, but rarely as a house of automotive style.

But if it’s chunkily rakish Cross Coupe concept makes it to the showroom – and that’s a near-certainty – then VW shoppers will enjoy the sight of several shapely Wolfsburg machines among the pot plants, including the CC, the Scirocco and the latest Beetle.

The Cross Coupe appeared as a diesel hybrid at Geneva, following its debut in Tokyo last autumn as a petrol hybrid a design study for the next-generation Tiguan.

Today’s Tiguan is a tidy but unremarkable-looking device, but if VW goes with the Cross Coupe’s style for the next one, it can surely expect many more buyers – especially if there’s a version that comes anywhere near delivering the 157mpg, 380bhp and 46g/km of CO2 that this experimental diesel hybrid achieves.

Style has too often been a rare commodity in the VW line-up, despite the marque’s mighty success, and it’s good to see more of it.