As a few bloggers noted live from the motor show floor yesterday, there is a definite theme of 'my supercar is better and more powerful than your supercar' at Geneva.

With that in mind, I expected the highlight of Honda's show stand to be the Honda NSX concept, which  is being officially shown in Europe for the first time. Until now the firm's future halo model has only been seen with the badge of Acura on its nose.

As striking as the NSX is, it is still so far from production that it is hard to get too excited yet, whereas the unsung star of Honda's Geneva stand - a new 1.6-litre diesel engine - is less than a year away from being fitted to the Civic.

The new i-DTEC powerplant is the first fruit of Honda's new Earth Dreams Technology engine series that is being rolled out in Europe. The great news is it will be built in Swindon.

The stand-out figure for the oil-burner is its 95g/km of CO2 emissions. When he introduced the unit to the world yesterday, Honda Motor Europe boss Manabu Nishimae said it is also the lightest diesel engine in its class.

Much has been written and said about Honda's ambition to rediscover its brand mojo, most notably by developing the NSX sportscar as a halo model. What the new diesel engine shows is that the company is underpinning its quest for more dynamism with a practical strategy that is relevant to everyday motorists.