No doubt Bentley's EXF 9 F concept is as imposing in the flesh as the early pics make it look. The F, incidentally stands for falcon, and a bird of prey theme stars in today's morning reveal.

The front-end is as dominating as might be expected with a huge grille and very American-style square-edged front bumper.

Seeing it roll across the floor at last night's VW eve-of-show, the strongest impression is its very wide stance.

According to the car's designers, the EXP 9 F is a colossal 2m wide, matched to an overall length close to 5.1m and a 1.7m height.

That 2m width is close to the practical limit, so for production will be reduced, as might the height to keep the proportions intact. The length is less critical, designers say.

It'll be interesting to see whether Bentley takes advantage of this mild down-sizing to tweak the styling,too.

The strongest feature of the EXP 9 F  is its flat belt-line, which has stood Range Rovers well in the past, but the trend is for rising beltlines in general styling themes.

That might be a concern for Bentley considering that their SUV will stay in production for at least ten years, probably until around 2025.

It's also a risk, of course, to make the styling too fashionable. But I've got a feeling the EXP just needs a slightly sportier look to be a car that can be loved as much as it will be admired for it regal proportions.