Apparently Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton are fully behind it, and Bernie Ecclestone says he's willing to fund it to the tune of £35m, so will a London Grand Prix ever happen?

Yesterday, banking giant Santander revealed its vision for a London Grand Prix course, taking in tourist traps like Buckingham Palace, The Mall and Trafalgar Square. It's an idea that's been floated a couple of times in the past, with a parade in Regent Street in 2004 the closest F1 has come to hosting a race.

I don't think it'll ever happen. The logistical and financial issues surrounding such a race are insurmountable. Plus, Silverstone's owner the British Racing Drivers Club has a long-term contract to host the British Grand Prix, and at a time when nations are queuing up to join an already congested F1 calendar, it seems unlikely that Britain would get a second event.

It's interesting that Bernie has expressed such a enthusiastic interest in the proposal. Maybe it is a sly two-fingered salute to the British government and LOCOG, the Olympic Games organising committee. While other governments around the world are willing to help fund their nation's grands prix, Britain's leaders have historically been stubbornly unwilling to assist the BRDC with funding for our race.