Had a new one this weekend: seeing a car I used to own again, being driven by someone else. Or in my case, parked.

I’ve often wondered how I’d feel when this day came. Excited, probably, for that’s how it felt when I saw my mate’s old 52-plate black Renault Clio parked in the staff car park at Lotus the other week.

So I’ve always kept a keen eye out for any Mk4 Ford Fiestas in dark green, bright yellow Seat Miis with missing hubcaps, or Seat Leons in British Gas blue in the hope they might be the car I used to call my own, and feel content they were still being run and well looked after.

No joy though with spotting an ex, until this weekend in the car park of the Goodwood Members’ Meeting when I saw it: the McLaren 650S I used to have. I say have, I mean borrowed for an extended period of time, of course, but you get the idea.

Or, at least, I think it was. It had a private plate, as did mine, but on that plate read ‘McLaren Ascot’, the dealer I know recently put the car up as sold on its website. The rear tyres looked brand new, which was the giveaway for me, knowing that they needed replacing when it went back. And, of course, every single part of the trim inside and out was identical.

But the excitement wasn’t there. No, it was jealousy and sadness. Jealousy is a horrible trait, but I was jealous someone had driven the McLaren to Goodwood this year after I had last year. I was sad that I wouldn’t get to drive it home again.

Still, at least, it’s gone to a good home, or whatever it is you’re supposed to say when being grateful.

So then readers, the real point of this blog: have you ever spotted an old flame out on the road again, and how did it make you feel? Over to you…

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