Smokers, daily, used: sadly there is no dictionary definition, I checked in the Oxford English. What it should say is ‘Daily transportation of car traders, big engine, comfy seats, long tax.’

The truth is that real car traders never get attached to their stock. Everything is always for sale, even the wife’s Mercedes-Benz SLK if the offer is right.

So when he (and in 99 per cent of cases it is a 'he', even in this day and age) goes to the auctions, drives to Sheffield to appraise a car or visits the scrapyard for a replacement door handle, he’ll need some transportation.

Ideally it will have a good few months of tax on the screen (although with tax discs being phased out in October, not for much longer) and be very comfy. It just might be a motor which could take a while to shift off the forecourt anyway, on account of its large engine. Here are four of my picks.