So what's your car of the year, and why? Simple question, not such a simple answer. The only ground rule is: it has to have gone on sale sometime during the last 12 months.

So you can’t just nominate the Ferrari F40. Well you can (and probably should, what with it being one of the most fantastically unhinged cars of all time) but in this instance it won’t count.

So what do you think? Is it the new 3-series or the 2012 model year Nissan GT-R perhaps? Maybe the Ginetta G60 or McLaren MP4-12C would get your vote or, at the other end of the scale, the Nissan Leaf?

Please feel free to employ as much blind prejudice as you see fit, but try to choose one car, and one car only.

And if you could also provide a very short explanation as to why you feel the way you do, that would most welcome too.

I look forward to reading your answers if and when they arrive.