It may seem unusual to return from the launch of an all-new German saloon and talk about fuel economy, but it's difficult to see what else to do after the unveiling of the new 5-series.

It's got loads of tech, but it's all very tastefully disguised. Just as in the superb cabin - which is very similar in concept to the 5-series GT and undoubtedly the highlight of the car - where the sound system display is 'hidden' behind the Black Panel trim and only appears when it's activated, so the fuel efficiency measures are all designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

New BMW 5-series revealed

The base-spec 520d will be available with the eight-speed gearbox of the more upmarket editions (take note, Mercedes), which will help it achieve a more than impressive 132g/km. BMW's fleet average of 156g/km (that's without the effects of Mini) is set to fall still further.

Also, BMW is well aware of the criticism of the current model's steering feel and the replacement of the MacPherson struts with (heavier) 7-series-style double wishbones should do a lot to fix that.