Great to see a new MG coming from SAIC, which has ambitious plans to develop the brand despite its recently troubled past.

Better still is that the Roewe 550-based  MG 6 has largely been developed at the company's Longbridge engineering centre in Birmingham, where there is more life than a glance at the near silent factory would suggest.

There are around 200 engineers working there, some on contract, the majority permanent, and there is even building work going on with the construction of a modest design studio. A dealer training centre has also been established recently.

Longbridge is the lead engineering centre for all Shanghai's own brand - that's MG and Roewe - products, which are selling well in China, and it is also behind the development of a new model to slot below the Roewe 550/MG 6, which will probably be a supermini. The MG 6 itself was tested on UK roads as well as in Spain.

What's not yet clear is whether Longbridge will produce any of these cars for European consumption. But despite the extensive levelling of the site, the core car assembly building contains well-maintained production lines, and can be readied for volume production again.