First, the good news: Mitsubishi boss Osamu Masuko has confirmed that the company will build a new generation of its iconic Evo – albeit in a very different form to the car that we’ve all come to know and love.

It’s commonsense, too, as the Evo remains the only standout car in Mitsubishi’s range; to have canned it, even in the era of more environmental awareness, would have been madness.

What’s perhaps even more interesting is where the next standout cars from Mitsubishi are coming from. New products have been thin on the ground in recent months, partly Masuko says because the company has been concentrating on developing leadership in electric vehicles. He reckons that the company that takes the lead in that field will emerge strongest in ten years times.

But is he right to bet so much on the emergence of the electric car? At the very least, he seems ahead of his time. China is predicted to be the world’s largest electric car market by 2015, yet despite huge investment by the government today there are estimated to be just 1000 electric cars on its roads, 900 of them run by state owned companies.

That figure may grow rapidly and across many regions, but it’s still hard to believe that a car company will thrive on electric car sales alone within the next ten years.