There’s a lot of rumblings about the imminent launch of a new Citroen DS, a successor to the unique shark-nosed “Deesse” (Goddess) saloon of 1955, which did so much to build the modern perception of Citroen as a design-led company, and stood for well over a decade as an emblem of French high technology.

In fact, the DS was voted ‘Most beautiful classic ever’ by Classic and Sports Car magazine, who furnished us with this superb shot.

You can tell there’s something going on but, contrary to the line some of the other media have taken, our call is that we’re not going to be seeing a big saloon styled like the DS – what the new Mini was to the old Mini, or the new VW Beetle to the original.

Rather, Citroen believes it has found a way of exploiting the strength of the DS brand some years after it left production to highlight the unique characteristics of Ctiroen designs and technology.