In the mag this week (dated 26 October) there’s a group test of the new Ginetta G60, in which we compare Britain’s excellent new sports car superstar with its rivals – namely the Lotus Evora S, Audi R8, Porsche Cayman and Nissan GT-R.

The Ginetta acquits itself exceedingly well, but in the end it can’t quite compete with the extraordinary all-round ability of the mighty GT-R. The test proved many things, for all sorts of reasons, but most of all it reiterated how much value there is to the GT-R recipe.

             Ginetta takes on Nissan, Lotus and Audi

No matter which way look at it, and no matter what sort of cars you compare it with at roughly the same price (it costs £71,950) the Nissan is just an incredible hunk of car for the money, plain and simple.

And the scary thing is, it’s about to get even better still. On 7 November Nissan will officially introduce a new 2012 model year version that boasts more power, more performance, even tastier handling and, as is de rigeur nowadays, better economy and cleaner emissions, too.

At the moment Nissan won’t actually say precisely how much power the new GT-R generates, but what I can tell you – having driven it yesterday with a 2011 example, back-to-back – is that it certainly feels a fair bit quicker, especially at the top end.