The newswires were alive yesterday with a story that Autocar ran on 1 October.GM’s decision to sell the old 9-5 and 9-3 production equipment raised fears that Saab was being broken up by stealth, especially as the Swedish National Debt office has also demanded that the car maker is divided into five separate divisions.

Beijing Automotive (BAIC) has also just got the go ahead for a US $3 billion loan from the Bank of China.

Apparently, GM isn’t intending to sell Saab in chunks, but clearly Beijing Auto is still interested. The big hurdle is that GM is unlikely to sell its latest technology (in the form of the 9-5 and 9-4X) to a Chinese buyer.

However, I can imagine a scenario that might work.

If BAIC restarts 9-3 and old 9-5 production equipment in China, GM could prop up the Saab brand by selling the new 9-5 (possibly out of Russelsheim, the 9-5 original home) and the 9-4X (out of GM's facility in Mexico) directly to BAIC for a fixed ex-factory cost.