Of course it's no surprise that Land Rover is going to be making the LRX. After all, what sort of crazy logic would it be to produce such a perfect concept such as that and then consign it to the design department dustbin?


More surprising perhaps is that it will go on sale at the tail end of 2010 wearing a Range Rover badge. Then again, when you think about it, it makes sense. Even when we first saw the concept, company bosses were are pains to point out that we were all looking at a small Land Rover and not a cheap Land Rover. And even though it will have four-wheel drive it's hardly going to be one for the Serengeti is it?

So 'Range Rover' makes sense to me, even though it probably means that the LRX monicker is going to go. Shame. I could see that name being used much like TT or 911; the sort of title that doesn't need the name of a maker before it.

And as long as it looks more or less like the concept I'll be happy. Insiders tell me that we don't have too much to worry about. Of course, the interior will be a little less radical and it may be a little taller - but probably less than a centimetre so hardly anything at all. And it will probably have five doors, at launch anyway. But the fundamentals will stay the same.

That's extremely good news.