Fascinating event in London last night – the glittering auction of the Aston DB5 that starred in the Bond movies Goldfinger and Thunderball.

This was my first big classic car auction and reflecting on it now, I’m a bit puzzled what to think.

Most surprising was how flat the event felt. Considering the delectable array of machinery up for auction and the sums of money involved — the Bond car and a gorgeous 1920s Talbot Lago together raised £5m alone — there wasn’t the sense of excitement I’d expected.

Maybe all auctions are like this? But a few old hands I spoke to, agreed it lacked pizzazz. That was largely matched by the prices paid.

Most of the cars sold for the middle or lower ends of their estimates and the bidding seemed to progress at a stately pace, despite the best-efforts of the multi-lingual auctioneer who impressively flipped between English, French and Italian to egg-on international bidders.

An exception was the Jag XKR special effects car from Bond movie Die Another Day, which fetched £50k, £15k above estimate. The man from Jaguar Cars was justifiably beaming as the bidding went up and up.