My motor show started on Monday lunchtime at GM's shindig to show off the Insignia.

A pretty impressive spectacle it was too. Two years ago GM showed us the Corsa being flown down the Thames under a helicopter. But this time round the Insignia dropped to earth from a capsule suspended 100 feet or so above the river bank right next to Tower Bridge.

It drew masses of crowds and had done all weekend apparently as the capsule and car inside had been buried just under the crane. It was only 'excavated' and winched up on Sunday night.

When it finally fell to earth I got my first chance to see the Vectra replacement properly. It's another new car that looks far more glamorous in the metal than any photo. So good, in fact, that you could put virtually any upmarket badge on the bonnet and you wouldn't know any different. Same goes for the cabin which is a massive step forward for Vauxhall in design and quality.

My instant verdict is that if it's close to the Mondeo to drive it will be a real winner. I'd be a bit worried if I was selling Audis against it to.