Upsetting a concept car engineer is easy, as I found out earlier this week. All you have to do is simply forget that his one-off vehicle, which he’s spent many months lovingly crafting, doesn’t have production car niceties such as door rubbers and swing the driver’s door closed with a heavy SLAM that resonates through the whole vehicle…

Following Tuesday’s look at the Mazda Takeri concept at the Japanese manufacturer’s European design centre near Frankfurt, there was a chance to slip behind the wheel and drive the car (very steadily) around the perimeter roads of Mazda HQ.

Driving impressions aren’t particularly valid because underneath the sleek lines of the Takeri lurks the running gear of a current Mazda 6; this Geneva motor show concept is more about exterior and interior styling than handling and performance.

What I can impart is the feeling of space, luxury and calm that you get from the driver’s seat of the Takeri.