I notice that the last time anyone on Autocar blogged anything in the Our Cars section it was 2008. A time when we thought we still had jobs and flu was something you pretended to have to skive a day off. Personally I have no end of Our Cars to prattle on about, but specifically I am looking to replace my Saab 9000, which hasn’t broken down enough to be replaced. I wondered what you guys think I should buy when the time comes, though I must point out I would be loath to spend more than the £1800 I splashed out four years ago when I bought the 9000.

My initial thoughts are just to get another Saab 9000, which should now be possible for about 25p. Well, not quite, but no more than £1000 will get a cared-for minter, and they are absolutely huge and supremely comfy, I’ve never had a back ache yet, and in January I did a 700-mile round trip in a day with no ill effects. Obviously I could upgrade to a 9-5, but I’m still very old-school and rather like the huge hatchbackery of the old 9000.