For a while now we’ve been reporting about the prospect of there being a four-wheel drive version of the new BMW M5. According to our sources, this was a model that was going to be made available in certain markets as an adjunct to the rear-wheel drive car that we’ve driven, and been so impressed by, this week.

Well here’s the news – the 4WD model isn’t and never was going to happen. Speaking to various engineers from BMW on the M5’s international launch this week, the notion of a 4WD version is, in fact, a complete fantasy. For although BMW’s M Division built a prototype 4WD car, the reality of a production version never got further than that.

How so? Why, if they went to the trouble of building a prototype, won’t they eventually make a showroom 4WD model? Because that’s what prototypes are for; to assess what’s possible and what’s not when it comes to the production process. And the packaging of a driven front axle beneath the new M5’s busy new engine bay is, by all accounts, so complex, so difficult to achieve and ultimately so expensive to engineer, it’s now never going to happen.

And in any case, as I discovered when driving the M5 this week alongside its rivals from Jaguar (XFR) and Mercedes (E63 AMG) – all of which you can read about in a couple of weeks’ time – traction simply isn’t an issue for this incredible car. Despite boasting 552bhp and 502lb ft of torque, the new M5 puts its power down so well – far better than the 1M I chip about in every day – it simply doesn’t need a helping hand.

Phew, because for a moment there we thought the M Division had gone all soft. Now a diesel M5 on the other hand, well that’s another question altogether…