Who says production cars never look like concepts? Even though the Lexus LFA was seemingly one of the longest running concepts in automotive history the pic below shows how little it has changed from the concept.

I came across a picture of the original LFA concept by chance in a 2006 copy of Autocar, which confirmed the car was heading for production. The images themselves were from 2005 when the car was unveiled at the Geneva show, although the project had been rolling on since 2003.

Styles and tastes may change very rapidly when it comes to car styling but the Lexus has doggedly stayed with the original shape. Personally I quite like the brutish, functional and unusual lines of the LFA but there is no doubt it has a hint of the now dead Celica about it.

Incidentally, the shape may have stayed the same but the price certainly didn’t. Word had it in 2006 the car would cost around £80,000, but that has ballooned to an almost unbelievable £343,000, putting this Lexus out of reach of even some Ferrari customers.

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