“Thermos full of weak milky tea. Check. Foil wrapped sardine sandwiches. Check. Anorak and sensible shoes. Check. Clearly I am prepared for the worst, otherwise known as a coach trip. Yet there is nothing magical, or mysterious about this tour, which involves the circumnavigation of the London Orbital. I am aboard the M25 anniversary tour and I want to get off”.

I wrote this back in nineteen-ninety-something and it was truly awful. Right now in February 2012 a sightseeing trip around the M25 by a Brighton coach company has proved so popular that extra tour dates have been scheduled.

A £15 ticket enables people to travel the full 117-mile route, taking in Heathrow Terminal 5, Epping Forest and the Dartford Crossing.

So I just idly wondered what was your very worst incarnation of Automotive Hell. For me it was endlessly trawling around the M25 in the interests of journalism.

Maybe for you it was a particularly grim motor museum, or a ride in a Reliant Robin. Actually, again in the mid-1990s I drove one along a line of lock-ups and it was one of my most terrifying experiences of my motoring life. Hell may just be someone else driving you.

Do enlighten me so I can avoid burdening you in the future with anything that could bring back any seriously unpleasant memories.