“Thermos full of weak milky tea. Check. Foil wrapped sardine sandwiches. Check. Anorak and sensible shoes. Check. Clearly I am prepared for the worst, otherwise known as a coach trip. Yet there is nothing magical, or mysterious about this tour, which involves the circumnavigation of the London Orbital. I am aboard the M25 anniversary tour and I want to get off”.

I wrote this back in nineteen-ninety-something and it was truly awful. Right now in February 2012 a sightseeing trip around the M25 by a Brighton coach company has proved so popular that extra tour dates have been scheduled.

A £15 ticket enables people to travel the full 117-mile route, taking in Heathrow Terminal 5, Epping Forest and the Dartford Crossing.

So I just idly wondered what was your very worst incarnation of Automotive Hell. For me it was endlessly trawling around the M25 in the interests of journalism.