For some time now Britain’s most hated drivers have been those who have chosen to sit behind the padded wheel that features the four rings of supreme confidence. Yes, Audi. Before that it was the infamous Bimmer roundel. Not too sure who it was before then, possibly hot hatch drivers.

It is of course all nonsense. This is a short cut, knee-jerk reaction for amateur argumentalists. It is undoubtedly based on that most unattractive of human emotions, envy. Because I can’t afford an Q7, I really don’t see why you should enjoy your impossibly huge and irredeemably ugly 4x4.

Now I really don’t care about what cars and drivers you really hate, that’s far too easy. I want to know the vehicles and pilots who are all rather wonderful. Human nature is a funny old thing and the law of averages means that not every driver of a particular marque is nice, but experience in these matters leads me to conclude otherwise.

Let's take Minis. Professionally I’ve met hundreds of owners and written profiles of their cars. That involves spending half a day with them at least. Meeting at their house and chatting all day. Since doing that in the early ‘90s I’ve never met one who was awkward, miserable or not glad to be alive. I can’t believe, probably naively, that a nasty person would bother owning one.