I just spotted a new Jaguar X-type sitting in our car park as I headed out to lunch. 

I think Jaguar is a great company: I drove the XKR and DB9 on consecutive days and thought the Jag was a much better car; I lust after every XJ in the range; I love the S-type and its acclaimed successor, the XF. But I cannot understand why the company thought that the X-type was anything other than a malnourished, rather bony cash cow that would do enormous damage to the brand in the long term.

I don't have a big objection to it being a Mondeo underneath - there are worse ways to start building a car. I just hate the way it looks. What's particularly galling is that rather than dropping off the end of the range with as little fuss as possible, the X-type has received a facelift that will keep it in on the showroom for another 30 months. 

There must be quite few owners who never upgraded to the excellent S-type and have been put off Jags for good. The best way to welcome them back into the fold would be to can the X-type completely and concentrate on what the company does best - producing great sporting saloons and coupes.