There is one thing that could make a vast difference to everyone who drives on the UK’s roads, and maybe, just maybe, it could happen next year if there’s a change of government.

Not that I’m advocating a Tory government, but I can’t see any other way that this could happen, this being tackling the endemic inability of many drivers to use the country’s multi-lane roads properly. That’s those people that cannot deal with moving from lane two or three back into lane one, for whatever peculiar reason has installed itself in their dulled brains telling them that it’s okay to sit there while vehicles under and overtake them.

 Of course it is actually against the law to sit in the outside lane of a motorway. Problem is, nobody is aware of it and nobody will do anything about it. Least of all the people that are supposed to do something about it, the police and the government, all of whom seem uninterested in sorting out what has become a clear indicator of the inefficiencies in the way our roads are used.