Ambivalence is a tricky condition to define. When a car makes me feel that way, it’s normally because I haven’t driven it enough. Not this week. This week, I’ve done plenty of miles in Porsche’s new Macan Turbo – all in the process of our full road test, which you’ll be able to read in the not too distant future. Ambivalence reigns.

For a two-tonne SUV, this new-breed 4x4's handling is little short of breathtaking; even more amazing than its performance level – which is pretty serious, too, thanks to the 395bhp twin-turbo V6. I’d dismissed this car's early reviews, which all hinted at the sports car-level poise and balance. “It’ll be good,” I thought, “but it can’t be that good.” 

It can. On the road, the Macan pivots underneath you and dances its way beyond an apex like a true pedigree rear-driver. It’s quick, it’s poised and it’s entertaining. And it’d make a Range Rover Sport feel a bit bloated and dim-witted, to be honest.

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I should be in love with a car like that. Thing is, while the Macan Turbo is undoubtedly a compelling driver’s car, I’m not sure it’s such a great SUV.