Ok I’ll admit it, I’m getting very excited indeed about the Olympics. There’s a buzz in the air, a frisson of excitement lighting up the ether that lifts the spirit and – just for a while – makes one forget about the melancholic state of affairs that is the world in 2012.

And yet despite this, it strikes me that one thing is still missing from the Olympic repertoire (apart from tiddlywinks, of course) and that’s motorsport. Why, can someone please explain to me, isn’t some form of motor racing or rallying on the agenda for London 2012?

Great Britain is the spiritual home of motorsport, after all, so you’d have thought someone, somewhere on the Olympic committee might have recognised as much, realised the marketing opportunity and dreamed up some kind of international contest between the Schumachers, the Loebs, the Hamiltons and the Valentino Rossis of this world.